Feeling bullied, Ava Anderson severs ties with RI-based company she founded

WARREN, R.I. (WPRI) — When she was just 14 years old, Ava Anderson started working on a line of non-toxic makeup that made waves across the country. Her mission was to educate everyone about the harmful ingredients that can be found in everyday beauty and self-care products.

On Monday, January 25, the Anderson family announced they would end their six-year journey by closing Ava Anderson LLC.

Company management said the Warren, Rhode Island-based home office will re-brand the products and continue with the company customers have come to know.

Since the surprise announcement, customers and consultants have expressed their emotions on social media.

A letter posted by the family on avaandersonnontoxic.com reads:

We are a family who has supported our daughter, in a sincere and unselfish mission to educate everyone about this important issue, and know that we have made a difference, with the support of our Consultants and all of you.  Our amazing and dedicated team has worked tirelessly for all of you. We have done everything in this business from sourcing and manufacturing products, to the way we pay and treat each and every team member in our home office and each Ava Anderson Consultant with the highest of integrity always!

We hope you will be able to understand that our daughter has been under attack, online and in person, and has been tethered to social media for years, attempting to protect the brand and the company she cares so much for, as well as for each of you. She (and our family and team) have always felt a tremendous responsibility to all of you and we have done our very best to fulfill that.

We simply cannot see any possible happiness or peace for her future or our family being treated this way.  We have tolerated it for years to build this company, but have lost the ability to battle and continue to sustain the barrage daily. We know your hearts and believe you would take this same action if your child or family were being treated this way and could no longer function.

We are so sorry for this, the most difficult decision of our lives, but we can see no other way to continue.

With gratitude, The Anderson Family

Eyewitness News reached out to the company and their consultants Tuesday, but they declined to comment further.

Customers will notice the website and shopping cart are temporarily down. Ava Anderson LLC urges those interested to check back for updates.

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