Mayor’s office: 280 cars towed during weekend parking ban

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Southern New England was hit with its first significant storm of the season over the weekend, and many cities and towns issued parking bans and the threat of towing and fines.

The office of Mayor Jorge Elorza said about 280 cars were towed during its citywide, 10-hour parking ban, many of which still haven’t been picked up more than two days later.

Stretching from 10 p.m. Saturday to 8 a.m. Sunday, the ban was put in place to clear the roadways so plows could do their job.

“Pretty much when there is snow on the ground, they’ve got to clean up the streets,” said Eduardo Medeiros, owner of City Towing. He said his company towed 30 cars this weekend.

If your car was spotted parked in the road during that time, you were issued a ticket by police then towed away. Police said the parking ticket alone was $100, the tow cost another $82 and the storage fee is $24, leaving you with a bill for $206.

“Some people can’t afford it. Times are rough sometimes,” said City Towing driver Roger Santiago while showing Eyewitness News some of the cars still sitting in their lot.

The mayor’s office also reminded residents that if you see a sidewalk in the city that hasn’t been cleared of snow yet, you’re asked to give them a call.

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