Parish back to normal after July vandalism

(Brian Yocono/WPRI)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – Six months after it was vandalized, a local church is finally getting back to normal.

Last July, someone broke into the Our Lady of the Rosary parish, destroying the pulpit and altar. Although police investigated, nobody has been charged with causing the damage.

It took until last week to fully repair the damage that was inflicted.

Fr. Joseph Escobar told Eyewitness News on Sunday that unsolicited donations started pouring in shortly after the break-in. The thousands of dollars that the parish received not only paid for the repairs, but also for a new security system, which, Escobar admits, is not something he ever thought the church would need.

“It’s almost kind of like the story of good coming out of evil,” he said. “You know, like we experienced a tragedy and the goodness of people shone forth and really overcame the tragedy to the point that we now have a more secure worship space for people to come and to feel at ease when they come here to pray.”

Escobar said he is most interested in simply understanding why the perpetrator did it, even if they never face criminal charges.

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