Elderly couple hospitalized after fast-moving fire

NORFOLK, Mass. (WPRI) — A man and woman are recovering from non-life threatening injuries after a fire at their home.

The Sun Chronicle reports the couple are in their seventies and were taken to Rhode Island Hospital to be treated.

The fast-moving fire began just before 8 p.m. Wednesday at a home on Tucker Road in Norfolk, Massachusetts, about 28 miles north of Providence.

According to eyewitness accounts, the man ran to his neighbors for help, saying his wife was still inside.

One neighbor said she was singed and she appeared to be in shock, though otherwise in good spirits.

Before the fire started, there was a power outage in the neighborhood. The fire began shortly after power was restored.

Neighbors said the fire appears to have started while the man was inside the garage.

“He tried to turn the lights back on, and basically, um, sparks came out of the box, of the electrical box, of the garage door opener, and it just went up in flames. Dropped down to the car,” neighbor Mike Tierney said.

“A gasoline tank in the car blew up, so that made the fire even bigger, and the fire start–after that, the fire started spreading to the whole house,” added Michael DeLuca.

Investigators have not said whether there is any connection between the power outage and the fire, but they are looking in to it.

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