In the Kitchen: Cooking for Your Valentine

We’re helping you set the scene for the perfect romantic weekend this Valentine’s Day. Chef Jeanie Roland from Ella’s Fine Food and Drink joined The Rhode Show kitchen to make slow-roasted coffee rubbed short rib, herbed mashed potatoes, cheesy potato roll and chocolate parfait.

I. Slow Roasted Coffee Spiced Short Ribs

3#- boneless shortribs
¼ C dark brown sugar
2T fine ground coffee
2t black pepper
rub shortrib with dry rub overnite

3T oil
1C dice fennel
2 cl garlic
1C carrot, fine dice
1.5 C fine dice onion
½ C fine dice celery
2C veal glace
1 qt. chicken stox

1.5C tomato paste
1/4C cooking port wine


remove ribs from fridge, pat dry
sear ribs in hot pan with oil until nice crust develops, remove.
Sauté vegetable in same pan until the onions & celery are
Translucent, add tomato paste at this point.
While vegetables are still in pan, deglaze with cooking port wine
Add stock & glace & bring to a simmer.
Add ribs, cover and bake in oven @ 325 degrees for 1.5-2 hours
Until tender

Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly. Remove ribs at this
Point and puree the braising liquid….be very careful…it is still hot!
Once you have puree, adjust seasoning & pour over the ribs…chill overnight.


2# Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and ¼
cover in cold water and simmer

4oz heavy cream
2oz butter
put in sauce pot and heat until simmer.

Once the potatoes are soft, put in mixing bowl, add cream
And season with
White pepper
Nutmeg, all spices to taste
& herbs of your choice



1ea egg for egg wash
1ec sheet of filo dough
1/2C cheddar cheese

Mix left over potatoes with ½C cheddar cheese &
2T fresh herbs, again your choice.

Brush filo dough with egg wash and add potato/cheese/herb mix
Pan fry or bake in oven at 350 degrees until golden


4C heavy cream, whipped
8oz bittersweet chocolate
1C ½ and ½ or caramel, bring to a simmer
and pour over chocolate & stir until smooth, strain and cool.
Fold 2C of whipped cream into 3 additions.
Spoon into bag and fill glasses.

Alternate your chocolate cream with whipped cream in
glasses or your choice of decorative bowls, garnish with
fresh berries and enjoy your romantic weekend.

valentine's day ingredients

valentines day finished

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