Expert: Keeping phones warm is key to success during cold weather

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — As the mercury continues to drop and the wind picks up – people are being warned to bundle up if they are heading out.

And just as we struggle in the cold, so do our mobile devices.

Eyewitness News spoke with Jayson Lavers, the assistant manager at a local AT&T store. He said the cold weather can have damaging impacts on cell phones and mobile devices.

“Your screen is going to be more brittle because of cold weather,” he explained. “The battery is going to drain faster just like a car.”

Lavers said he strongly recommends that customers get protective cases for their phones – because fumbling fingers in the cold and ice on sidewalks means a lot of dropped phones.

Important Tips: Safety Information for Extreme Cold »
Important Tips: Safety Information for Extreme Cold »

“You don’t want to turn your phone off in cold weather,” he said. “When you turn it back on, you could have condensation built up underneath your screen.”

He said the phone heats up and any condensation that is inside the screen will come to the surface.

The key to keeping your phone safe, according to Lavers, is to just keep it warm.

“It’s best to keep your phone… as close to your body as possible for body heat and any kind of heat source that you can get to,” he said.

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