Family returns home after nightmare cruise trip

(WPRI) — A Rhode Island family is happy to be back on land, after they were aboard a cruise ship that sailed into a vicious storm.

The family tells us it was a scary experience they will likely never forget.

“We noticed we had to hold our plates down and our cups because they were sliding all over the table,” said Michelle Lombardi. “We started hearing dishes breaking, food flying everywhere, people falling.”

The family was on the Royal Carribbean Anthem of the Seas, when the ship was caught in a violent storm Sunday.

The cruise was supposed to be heading to the Bahamas, but the storm packed hurricane force winds and 30-foot waves.

All passengers on board were instructed to return to their cabins and the captain said he would update them every two hours.

However, two hours turned into ten hours.

“We had a balcony room and I looked out and you could really see some high seas, it was quite scary to even look out there,” said Jon Mercurio. “And the wind and the rain, you could hear it howling so it was pretty intense.”

While all of this was going on, the family was only given bottled water, apples, M&M’s and Snickers bars.

The sounds of everything crashing around them made it difficult to sleep.

“The ship was turned to a 45-degree angle and basically everything you had was up against the door by the next morning,” said Lombardi.

The family said they did not realize how bad the situation was until they got home Wednesday night and saw the reports on the news.

Royal Carribbean has apologized to passengers issuing them all a refund and 50-percent off their next cruise.

The cruise line said it will work on,”strengthening its policy on avoiding storms.”

Four minor injuries were reported.

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