Former VA nurse pleads guilty to stealing prescription drugs

The Providence VA Medical Center on Chalkstone Avenue in Providence.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A former registered nurse at the Providence VA Medical Center pleaded guilty Friday to stealing prescription drugs from her place of work.

Lisa McManaman admitted to stealing prescription drugs from an “automated medication dispensing system” between May and October of last year, the office of District Attorney Peter Neronha announced Tuesday.

McManaman, 47, of Providence, used an override feature to obtain controlled substance pills 19 times, according to court records.

Approximately 240 pills were removed, including, but not limited to, oxycodone and morphine. Neronha’s office said the medications were not prescribed by physicians or administered to patients.

Neronha said McManaman also failed to disclaim her termination at a previous job during her application for employment at the VA Center. She was fired from her position as a nurse in the intensive care of unit of another hospital in Rhode Island back in 2013.

McManaman pleaded guilty to one count of theft of government property and one count of false statements. She’s scheduled to be sentenced on May 13.

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