Resident: Pedestrian accident not the first for Cranston street

(Photo: WPRI/ Steph Machado)

CRANSTON, R.I. (WPRI) — Cranston police are investigating after a woman was struck by a car Friday evening.

According to police, a man was driving when he struck a 40-year-old woman in the area of Phenix Avenue and Cornell Street just before 6 p.m.

Police said the woman was in the crosswalk and was thrown into the windshield of the car.

‘We’re unaware of how severe her injuries are but she did take a good hit,” Capt. Gerard Carnevale of the Cranston Police Department said. “According to him [the driver], he never saw her.”

Police said the driver was not injured but is very shaken up about the incident.

Residents said this particular crosswalk has had issues in the past.

“I’m not surprised. It was just a matter of time – somebody would get hit,” said Jay Bombardier, who has lived in the neighborhood for more than a decade. “Cars just zip through this street.”

According to Bombardier, he himself has actually been hit in the same crosswalk.

He said he was not seriously injured in that incident, but it led him to try to prevent more accidents from happening there.

“I know my kids, they come down this. And I’m grateful none of them have been hit yet,” he said. “It took a while to get just the signs put up and I just think the city needs to do more.”

Police told Eyewitness News crews at the scene that the woman was transported to the hospital in serious condition.

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