Excitement felt at Democratic primary in New Bedford

WPRI/Steph Machado

NEW BEDFORD, Mass (WPRI) – Super Tuesday was a busy day in New Bedford, where both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had campaign headquarters.

Eyewitness News spoke with supporters from both sides who have been knocking on doors and making phone calls, to see what resonated with voters.

A dedicated Hillary Clinton supporter, Lisa Lemieux, explained Clinton’s win in Massachusetts strengthens her campaign’s momentum.

“I think people believe she has what it takes to run our country – that she has the experience and people are not confident that every other candidate has the experience that Hillary does,” said Lemieux.

Former President Bill Clinton was out in the streets of New Bedford drumming up support for his wife.

The Clinton headquarters opened on Pleasant Street about a week ahead of the Tuesday primaries.

What started as an early day in the office turned into a later night watching as the polls closed.

Clinton and Sanders were neck and neck in the Massachusetts polls. Clinton emerged with the slight lead of 51% over Sanders’ 48% of votes.

Despite Sanders falling short, his support in New Bedford was still strong.

“They think he’s honest. They know he’s getting all of his campaign contributions from people like me and them,” said Bernie Sanders supporter, Richard Drolet.

Both Clinton and Sanders supporters noted the excitement that has filled the community during the campaigns.

“There’s just been so much surrounding this election. I think a lot of people are just realizing I really gotta get out there and make my vote known,” said Lemieux.


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