Providence shop owner, son capture break-in suspect

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — When police arrived at the scene of a reported break-in at a Providence store, they found the owner had already done most of the work.

According to police, the silent alarm went off Monday night at Al’s Auto Parts, prompting the owner and his son to rush over to the business. The two men arrived to find a man trying to steal a power drill, so they called 911.

As the officers walked in, the son said “this is the guy” and pointed to the suspect, whose hands and feet had been bound with zip-ties.

“Apparently, he ran past them trying to get away and they tackled him and after a brief struggle they detained him for police,” explained Providence Police Maj. David Lapatin.

Police arrested the suspect – identified as Angelo Lamourt – and returned the power drill to its owner.

Lapatin said it’s rare to have victims detain suspects and it’s not something they recommend.

“We certainly don’t encourage it,” Lapatin added. “We don’t want anyone getting hurt. In this case, it worked out well, but like I said, we certainly don’t encourage it because innocent people can get hurt.”

The owner and his son declined to comment on the incident.

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