Woonsocket man charged with making threatening phone calls to mayor

(Woonsocket Police Department photo)

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WPRI) – A Woonsocket man has been charged with making more than a dozen harassing phone calls to Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt.

According to the Woonsocket Police Department, a member of the Mayor’s staff received 17 voicemail messages from a man later identified as Jay Paris, all of which were directed towards the Mayor. The calls started in mid-December and continued for about a month.

A police officer listened to all the messages and concluded that “Paris seems to be intoxicated or under the influence” while he left them; the officer reported that Paris’s speech was slurred and parts of the messages were difficult to understand.

Paris allegedly complained about a number of issues involving the city, a local mental-health facility, and a federal agency before leaving a final message in which he said that the Mayor’s “days were limited and her time was coming.” He also used a racial slur while referring to public officials.

Police arrested Paris and charged him with making harassing phone calls. A competency hearing scheduled for Wednesday morning in District Court was continued.

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