Active threat simulation at Kent Hospital

(Brian Yocono, WPRI-TV)

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — What if Kent Hospital in Warwick faced a violent threat?

The hospital ran a drill — on paper — to see how its first responders and staff would respond, and where people and resources would be used, in a violent threat scenario.

Tuesday’s scenario imagined a former employee who was terminated, disgruntled, looking to talk to administrators, and then becomes barricaded in in a board room — with gunshots fired; an ‘active shooter’ situation.

“The policy dictates for the staff to run, hide or fight given the situation they are currently presented with,” said Kent Hospital’s director of marketing, Jim Beardsworth. “At that point we would then work with law enforcement to come in and help clear the situation.”

Warwick Police, city fire and EMS crews joined Kent in the drill. The hospital says it’s important to take the opportunity for training, preparedness, evaluation and communications for everyone who would be involved.

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