In the Kitchen: Vinho Verde Broth

On behalf of Quahog “Restaurant” Week, Discover Newport brought us Chef Brian Pawlak of The Mooring, to show us how to make their Vinho Verde Broth.


1/2 bottle Vinho Verde
1 cup julienned onion 1/2’s
1/2 tsp minced garlic
2 qt clam stock
1/2 tsp thyme fresh thyme
1/2 ea bay leaf
2 each parsley stems, washed
1 tbs diced potato 1/4 inch
1 tbs Castelvetrano olive sliced
1 tbs grape tomatoes halved
2 tbs chourico half moon
6 oz Cod
Little neck clams

vinho verde broth ingredients


1. Heat blended oil in a rondue until hot.

2 .Add onion, lightly caramelize.

3. Add garlic, cook until golden.

4. Deglaze with wine

5. Tie herbs in a coffee filter and add to liquid

6. Add clam juice

7. Season with kosher salt and pinch of ground white pepper.

8. Reduce by1/4

9. Pull out bay leaf and herb stems.

10. Add clams, cod, potato, tomato, chourico and bake at 350 degrees.

11. Coat cod in extra virgin olive oil

clams or something

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