Teaching your children to keep the earth beautiful

Each year Earth Day is celebrated on April 22. Earth day is all about keeping the earth safe and healthy, promoting awareness about environmental issues, and calling people to action.

Heather Grocott of The Children’s Workshop shares tips on how we can encourage healthy earth habits within our children.

There are many activities you can do right in your back yard that teach your child about earth day:

  • You can plant a tree to celebrate earth day or in memory of someone.
  • Help your child to start a garden of vegetables and flowers that is just theirs and how to take care of it. You can teach your child that the plants help by providing a place for bees to pollinate. This also promotes healthy eating habits!
  • Show your children how to compost. Using things around the house such as lint from the dryer, toilet paper rolls, coffee grounds, egg shells and more.
  • Recycle and reuse. Teach children the importance of recycling by involving them in sorting your recycled goods. Can you create an art activity out of old paper? Can you re-use plastic containers? Take a look around your home!
  • Take a walk up and down the street you live on – is it polluted with garbage? Take some time with the family for a neighborhood clean-up! Use precautionary measures such as disposable gloves to keep everyone safe!

Earth day activities you can do with students to get them involved in the community:

  • Have a litter-less lunch, see which room makes the least garbage at lunch time.
  • Introduce composting to your classroom. Show children what scraps to save from lunch that can go into the compost bin.
  • Start a garden with flowers and vegetables. Use the compost to fertilize.
  • Host a community clean up or take a field trip to help remove garbage in parks and shorelines.
  • Make natural air fresheners. Plant flowers, have the children, decorate cups and place around the room. When they bloom it smells so good.
  • Paint a huge earth, have children paint and cut out hand prints. Place on a box and use the box for recycle paper.

This year take some time to share with children about earth day. Whether it is in your classroom or in your home with your own children. Sharing this message is so important to help keep our earth healthy and clean.

The Children’s Workshop is sponsoring an Earth Day Celebration at Roger Williams Park Zoo, a great place to learn together as a family.

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