DIY for kids: Homemade bird feeders

(Photo Credit: The Mod Mommy)

School vacation week is a great time to get the whole family involved in activities and crafts. Mom blogger, Courtney Caligiuri, shares tips for creating two different bird feeders.

Milk Carton Feeder

Originally published in the August 2010 issue of Parents magazine.

What you need:

Half-gallon milk carton

Box cutter

Acrylic paint


Thin sticks

Pruning shears (optional)


Buttons or stickers

Bird seed


Cut the bird feeder’s opening in the center of one side of the carton for your child.

Let them paint the outside of the carton in the color of their choice.

Break up sticks and glue along both top sides of the carton to create a roof.

Glue buttons and flowers on sides of bird feeder.

Punch a hole ½ inch below the opening and insert a stick for the perch; glue the end to inside back of carton.

Fill your bird feeder with birdseed and place it outside for the birds to enjoy.

Pine cone Bird Feeders

What you need: 

Pine cones, preferable open

String or pipe cleaner

Peanut butter or vegetable shortening

Birdseed mix

Plastic spoon or knife

Peanut Butter alternatives:

Sunflower seed butter

Almond butter

Vegetable shortening


Coconut oil


Pour bird seed in a container with sides and set aside.

Take your ribbon or pipe cleaner and tie it around the top of the pine cone.

Next, have your child use a plastic spoon and scoop peanut butter and spread it on the pine cone.

Have your child take the peanut butter covered pine cone and roll it in the bird seed.

After the pine cone is covered with the seed, hang it on any tree or bush.

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