Father accused of threatening to kill son during dispute

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Police responded to an Atlantic Avenue home Monday night after a 30-year-old man claimed his father threatened to shoot him dead.

The son told police his father, Yang Khang, 57, pointed a rifle at him and threatened to kill him during a dispute over money and the payment of household bills.

Police tried to speak to the elder man during the incident, but did not speak his language, and he did not speak English well; they were not able to get his side of the story, officers said in their report.

“It should be noted that [the son] became uncooperative with police as soon as his father was placed into custody,” the report said; and the son refused to fill out a witness statement.

The rifle, a .22 caliber long rifle built by CZ-USA (a firearms manufacturer with ties to the Czech Republic), was taken into custody by police.

Yang Khang was charged with domestic felony assault for pointing the rifle at his son.

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