No bail for Warwick man accused of killing nephew

Jared Rogers (left) is accused of stabbing to death his nephew, Michael Rogers (right) inside their Warwick home on Haswill Street.

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — Weeks after police say he fatally stabbed his nephew as he slept, Jared Rogers appeared in court for the first time.

His initial arraignment took place in a hospital.

Rogers and his three co-defendants appeared at Kent County District Court Tuesday morning for a status hearing. Rogers, 20, was ordered held without bail.

Josue Morillo, 19, of Providence, Andrew Soben, 19, of West Warwick, and John Ingram, 18, of Cranston, also appeared in court Tuesday. All three are being held without bail.

A fifth suspect, Jake Cabral, 19, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. He did not appear in court Tuesday.

The four men are charged with stabbing to death Rogers’ nephew, 19-year-old Michael Rogers, inside their Haswill Street home. Police say Jared Rogers’ brother David was also stabbed, but survived.

Police were involved with Rogers just hours before the deadly stabbing because of a domestic disturbance. Police say no criminal complaint was made against Rogers at the time, so he was taken to a detox facility to get sober.

Soon after, someone brought him back to the home he shared with the victims.

warwick murder victim michael rogers
Warwick murder victim Michael Rogers.

Following his arrest, Rogers was arraigned in a hospital room where he was being treated for a medical condition and pleaded not guilty to one charge of murder and two charges of assault with a dangerous weapon in a dwelling.

Ingram, Morillo, and Soben are charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Police said all of them were directly involved in the murder and assault to varying degrees, but have declined to give more information about the role each played.

According to arrest reports released by police, Ingram, Morillo and Soben voluntarily went to the Warwick Police Department to be questioned as possible witnesses. The reports say each man then voluntarily admitted to involvement in the murder and assault.

Cabral is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Police say they are investigating what happened between the time when Rogers was released from the hospital and the murder took place, including which suspect did what.

During court Tuesday, the suspects were ordered to have no contact with David Rogers.

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