Local artist showcases ‘365 Days of Prince’ project

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — One local artist’s year-long project now has new meaning following the sudden passing of iconic pop star Prince.

Back in March 2014, Pawtucket-based artist Rebekah Major decided to honor her favorite artist by drawing a different picture of him every day for a year.  The 365 drawings of Prince are each unique – from Prince as a pretzel, to Prince as a sushi platter.

365 Days of Prince | Photo: Rebekah Major
365 Days of Prince | Photo: Rebekah Major

“Every day I would either use what was going on in the news, or whether there was a holiday or sometimes it served as a personal diary, things that were happening in my life that would influence my art,” said Major.  “We’ll always remember him and his music and it’s great to have art to look back and remember the past.”

Her final drawing on March 22, 2015, featured Prince in the Last Supper.

You can find more of Major’s drawings at 356DaysOfPrince.com and on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr under Rebekah Major’s username: IHeartBekArt.

The artwork will also be featured as stop motion animation this Saturday night at 9 p.m. during “Collections Live” at Aurora at 276 Westminster Street in Providence.

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