How we all can protect the animals in the world

This morning on The Rhode Show things got wild!

Our friends from SeaWorld and Busch Gardens joined us to show off some of the cool animals they are trying to protect and save in the wild.

One way we can all help is by volunteering at coastal clean-ups, recycling efforts, using sustainable products, and making informed choices about purchasing plastic.

SeaWorld has been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of over 27,000 animals in the past 50 years, many of them marine animals affected by ocean trash like fishing hooks and nets, plastic bags and everyday disposable items.  “Finn” the Mako shark, is made entirely from hard, non-biodegradable plastics such as water bottles, combs, flip flops and plastic containers and sits on some of the ocean’s biggest pollution offenders: plastic water bottles, buoys and nets.Mako Shark

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