Warwick man accused of hiding cameras at Amtrak station

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — A Warwick man faces serious charges after being accused of hiding cameras in the men’s bathroom at the Amtrak station in Providence.

The Providence station remains among the top 15 busiest Amtrak stations in the country.

“I can’t believe what people do nowadays for things, that just absolutely appalls me,” said Brian Almeida.

The cameras were reportedly disguised, discovered by a janitor earlier this month.

According to the Providence Journal, Jose Torres, 51, was the man who was setting up the video cameras.

“A public place like this you know you’re in and out and to be honest no one would ever notice it because you’re going in for a second,” said Almeida.

A janitor cleaning the bathrooms was the one who noticed the cameras.

He reportedly discovered four cameras disguised as a wall electrical socket and a light sensor. Two of the cameras were installed at shoulder height, the other two waist height.

“I expect to be spied on pretty much all the time by the cameras in the train station,” said Nadya Bedford, “so I did expect a little more privacy in the restroom, but I guess that expectation is shattered too.”

The cameras in the train station, according to the Providence Journal, captured the suspect entering and exiting the bathroom in the late morning on April 20.

The suspect’s own cameras recorded himself with a computer bag over his shoulder. An Amtrak officer spotted the suspect hanging around the station with a computer bag.

Torres was charged with video voyeurism- and detectives said his external hard drives may show evidence of other victims in other locations he caught on camera.

“We were actually here just a few months ago with our kids, using the bathrooms so yeah, that’s pretty gross,” said Jennifer Groux.

Amtrak police tell us they are investigating the incident.

We reached out to Providence police Friday evening, but have not yet heard back.

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