Local teens using plant seeds to get high

SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) – Parents are being warned about a troubling trend that’s becoming popular with high school students.

School officials say kids are ingesting plant seeds to experience a hallucinogenic effect.

In a memo sent to students and parents Tuesday, the Superintendent of Seekonk Public Schools said seeds for plants like sleepy grass, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, and Blue Morning Glory were found in the Seekonk School District.

Seeds may sound harmless but, according to the superintendent, the seeds contain a chemical which, when ingested, closely resembles the effects of LSD, causing hallucinations, nausea, and vomiting.

The warning from Seekonk said students in a nearby school district were hospitalized after swallowing seeds.

While Chief Craig Mace with the Seekonk Police Department said no local students were sickened, he does believe the seeds are being intentionally ingested.

Back in 2009, Eyewitness News explored the dangers of these seeds. At the time, a local garden store owner told us they were flying off shelves so kids could get high.

Watch our report from 2009 below.

“They’re hallucinating for six hours. That’s a danger but also, all the seeds are coated with a pesticide so they’re also poisoning themselves.” says Andre Diagle, Manager of Almo’s Flower & Garden Center.

The Home Depot on Grand Army Highway in Somerset has removed these seeds from their shelves, but parents are being warned that these seeds may be sold at other stores.

School officials are urging parents and students to contact the school department or Seekonk Police if they have any information regarding the issue.

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