Miriam Hospital releases study on weight gain prevention

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Miriam Hospital in Providence is leading efforts to find alternative ways to keep the weight off.

A study of young adults performed by the hospital focused on two strategies. The first taught participants to make daily small changes in diet and exercise to prevent weight gain.

The second encouraged participants to lose five to 10 pounds initially to act as a buffer against future weight gain.

Both groups were encouraged to weigh themselves every day and use that information to maintain a current weight or implement behavior changes.

After three years, researchers found those who were taught either self-regulation strategy were more successful at losing weight than those who had minimal treatment.

“In that group about 18 percent became obese and we cut that in half to about 8 percent in the large- and small-change programs, so that’s a pretty dramatic difference,” said Dr. Rena Wing, the study’s author.

The findings were published in the American Medical Association’s journal of internal medicine.

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