Victim’s wife thanks officer, wife in Taunton tragedy

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — Family and friends said an emotional goodbye to one of the two people killed in the stabbing rampage in Taunton.

Patricia Slavin, 80, was a mother and grandmother who was eating dinner at home with her daughter when she was stabbed to death by the suspect, Arthur Darosa.

The sheriff’s deputy police officer who shot and killed the suspect, John Creed, ended Darosa’s rampage at the Silver City Galleria mall nine days ago.

Creed released his first statement since the tragedy,

While we appreciate all of the kind words and messages that we have received, there is no cause for celebration regarding this incident.”

The second victim’s wife, Rosemary Heath, also spoke to us to thank the officer and his wife who is a nurse that treated the wounded at the mall.

“He saved me and I will forever have him and his wife in my heart,” said Rosemary Heath, whose husband George was killed while trying to save a pregnant woman that was stabbed.

“What Deputy Creed did, he’s a hero in my eyes,” she said.

Heath also said the deputy’s wife, Laura help control the traumatic situation.

“When I was moved away from my husband, she immediately came over and just hugged me and I knew she was there,” she recalled, “I knew I wasn’t alone and she was right there with me and I’ll never forget her.”

Laura was the first to go to Rosemary’s husband, putting pressure on his wound and keeping him alert.

Rosemary tells us that there will be a celebration of George’s life on June 4 at White’s of Westport.

Meanwhile, Sheenah Savoy, the pregnant woman who was stabbed, is said to be doing better.

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