Raimondo has second meeting with PayPal executives

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Governor Gina Raimondo admitted she met with representatives from PayPal for a second time on her recent trip to New York.

Raimondo is trying to lure the company to build a facility in Rhode Island, Eyewitness News has learned.

The company was set to build an operations center in North Carolina but those plans were scrapped following the state’s newly passed law which limits legal protections for transgender people.

Since then, Governor Raimondo said she has been pitching Rhode Island as a landing point.

“What they’ve announced is they were going to put an operations facility in North Carolina but they said they’re not putting it in North Carolina on account of the transgendered discrimination which is happening there,” she said. “So, I immediately called the CEO and said how about Rhode Island and now I just keep pounding away to see if I can get them here.”

Raimondo previously met with PayPal executives on her recent trip to California as well.

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