Disaffiliation deadline is week from tomorrow

WARWICK, R.I. (WPRI) — For some avid participants in Rhode Island’s political process, it’s a cycle like changing your clocks, or the batteries in your smoke detector.

A week from Wednesday is the deadline for voters who wish to unplug themselves from one political party and join another in time to vote in the September local primary elections.

Joseph M. McNamara, the chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, sent out a reminder Tuesday that voters need to change their political party by June 15, by turning the necessary forms into their local board of canvassers. The form is available on the website of the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s Board of Elections.

Voters can check their current status by visiting the Rhode Island Voter Information Center website.

A voter must be disaffiliated from any other political party at least 90 days prior to a primary in Rhode Island.

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