Father’s Day gift ideas kids can make

We’re helping the little ones show dad how much they care before Father’s Day!

Back in the studio to share some easy and adorable gifts for the kids to put together was mom blogger Courtney Caligiuri.

DIY Toddler Art T-Shirt


Blank t-shirt in color of your choice, can be found at craft store

Fabric markers

Painters tape or masking tape

Piece of hard cardboard to place under t-shirt


While using the painters tape, create a large square and block off a section of the front of the t-shirt. Doing this helps your child stay in the lines or area where the design will be.

Next, use the tape and create a number 1 and place that in the center of the square. Alternatively, you can use the tape to create any kind of design you’d like.

Once the tape has been applied, slide the large piece of cardboard under the t-shirt, so your child has a hard surface to work on.

Next, supervise your child while they draw with the fabric markers on the t-shirt.

Once the design is finished, peel off the tape and take out the cardboard.

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