Reality v. Expectation with the ‘Millennial Miss’

Entering the “real world” after college can be extremely overwhelming. Chelsea Briche offers her advice for these individuals in her blog, The Millenial Miss.

Today, Chelsea shares the reality of 5 common expectations that many college grads face.

  1. Friends

expectation: in the same city, in the same apartment

reality: all in different cities and feels like there is no longer time for each other

  1. First Job

expectation: every company is eagerly awaiting for you outside the campus barriers

reality: lots of struggle / competing for a single job

  1. Away From Parents

expectation: finally free! no one to nag at you

reality: you miss them badly and would do just about anything in the world to have your mom do your laundry just one more time

  1. Money

expectation: since you are now making your own income you can splurge on multiple ‘treat yourself’ moments

reality: bills, bills, bills and more bills.

  1. Living Situation

expectation: my apartment is going to be so chic

reality: live in a shoe box

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