Inside a man’s mind: From Father’s Day to summer activities

It’s time once again to go “Inside a man’s mind” and get the male perspective on some topics. From Father’s day to summer events and activities, there’s a lot to cover at this busy time of year.

So once in a while, we like to turn to our resident men Will and Brendan. To hear what they think about certain topics.

Topics covered:

-Father’s Day gifts.

– What about activities for Father’s day? What does dad want to do with his day?

-This is that time of year when we start to have parties and events nearly every weekend. Do you like having busy periods like this? Or, when the weather is warm, would you rather just relax and lay low?

– In the summer, guys are typically seen by the grill, working on the yard, or watching some sporting event…is that stereotype true?

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