Reed, Cicilline support gun control filibuster

PROVIDENCE, R.I (WPRI) — Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline and Senator Jack Reed threw their support behind Sen. Chris Murphy’s nearly 15-hour filibuster.

Murphy stood his ground on the Senate floor Wednesday into Thursday to push for a vote on two amendments. One would stop those on the “no-fly list” and on the FBI’s terror watch list from purchasing guns. The other would expand background checks to internet sales and gun shows.

Both Cicilline and Reed weighed in on the matter, saying change was necessary.

Cicilline said there needs to be a focus on ways “to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them: criminals, terrorists, people suffering from such serious mental disease that it’s dangerous. If we focus on that, of what we can do to keep the community safe by reducing access to firearms to these groups of individuals, I think we can make a difference.”

Reed, in a similar tone, pointed to what he said was a difference between military-style weapons and civilian arms, saying military-strength weapons is not, “I don’t think, what you and I would like to see in our civilian population.”

Despite the filibuster, on Thursday evening, the US Senate was still unable to come any closer to a consensus.

Republicans are pushing their own gun legislation. Texas Sen. John Cornyn is proposing an amendment which would require the FBI to get a court order to block someone on the terror watch list from buying a gun.

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