$20,000 still missing after money falls off armored truck

PROVIDENCE R.I. (WPRI) — Police in Providence are still searching for thousands of dollars after bags of cash reportedly fell off the back of an armored truck.

According to police, about $20,500 dollars is currently missing.

The incident occurred Wednesday and police have yet to receive any calls from witnesses.

Both police and Rhode Island Hospital confirm that they have the incident on surveillance video, yet no physical cash has been located on the property.

“We’ve had no officers report any findings of money,” said Providence Police Major David Lapatin.

“After that, conflicting stories that a car ran over a couple of bags and the money flew all over the place in the wind, so we’re looking into it,” he added.

The Brink’s crew did notice immediately and tried to recover what they could, but it wasn’t until later when they realized exactly how much they were missing.

Police ask if anyone happened to pick up any of the cash to report it as an act of good will.

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