Taunton PD investigate vandalism inside high school

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) — A janitor at a private school in Taunton found a terrible surprise when he showed up for his weekend shift.

According to police, the interior of Coyle and Cassidy High School was ransacked at some point before Sunday morning, when the authorities were called.

Among the damage: a window in the main office smashed, the glass door to classroom 210 broken, and countless furniture, displays, posters, boards and trash cans all thrown astray. A large fish tank was even knocked over and smashed.

The janitor was able to save some of the fish that spilled out, but not all could be saved.

The president of the school told police that there was a play in the school on Saturday night so it is a possibility someone stunk in then, but there is no proof. He told police they would looking over surveillance video from the high school to see if it captured the suspect or suspects.

Taunton police are continuing to investigate and are trying to assess just how much damage was done.

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