Construction finished on IWAY Bridge’s inner railings

According to RIDOT, the defect could be seen after concrete was chipped away.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Jersey barriers are beginning to disappear from the IWAY bridge over the Providence River – as repairs are underway on a defective railing on the bridge.

Monday morning, the barriers marked “Cardi” on the bridge were gone.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Cardi Corporation finished construction on the inside railings of the bridge over the weekend. The outside railings, which face downtown and the Providence River, are still being worked on. RIDOT said that construction will be completed by the fall.

A Target 12 Investigation first alerted you to the problem with the multi-million dollar bridge’s railing system. A letter from RIDOT we obtained said steel reinforcement bars were apparently cut during installation, which is why the state has been paying $7,000 a month to rent the Jersey barriers.

Nearly $500,000 was spent to create plans to fix the problem and Cardi started construction at the end of last year.

Since our first report, it’s been unclear who would pay for the repairs– RIDOT put the blame on Cardi and the company said RIDOT signed off on everything before construction began.

According to the company, RIDOT should bear the cost of the work. Now, as half the project has been finished, officials confirmed Cardi will be paying the bill – not taxpayers.

The rental of the barriers is still an expense for the taxpayers, though. RIDOT said so far they have paid $165,440 to rent the barriers.

Eyewitness News reached out to Cardi to see how much the railing repairs are costing them and confirm they are in fact paying for them. The company said they would get back to us shortly.

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