PGA pro almost didn’t make it to CVS Health Charity Classic

PGA Pro Golfer Jason Bohn (WPRI photo)

BARRINGTON, R.I. (WPRI) – One of the players in the 18th Annual CVS Health Charity Classic almost didn’t make it, after suffering a massive heart attack.

PGA pro Jason Bohn has only been to Rhode Island a few times, but says he loves the state.

In fact, Jason loves every day and every place he goes to these days, because back in February, he had a massive heart attack and didn’t even know he was having one.

“My symptoms were very soft; I was having a little bit of difficulty breathing. It kind of felt like I was giving a hug, not a really hard hug, but there was a little bit of pressure, there wasn’t any pain, it wasn’t extreme. I asked for some medical attention and I thought, to be honest, that I was just going to get a Z-Pak, I thought I was going to get some antibiotics. Before I knew it, I had IV’s in me, I was in the back of an ambulance on my way to the hospital.” says Bohn.

Doctors say that if Bohn hadn’t asked for help, he wouldn’t have survived.

He says, “I was 99% blocked in my widow maker, so I was right there. All the physicians told me, had I gone down on the golf course, there was probably not enough time for me to get attention to make it.”

Eyewitness News anchor Patrick Little jokingly asked Bohn if he doesn’t get stressed out about bad golf shots anymore.

Bohn laughed and replied, “It’s funny, I actually said that. Golf is just a game and when I got back out and competing, I told my caddy, we’re just going to enjoy the walk, we’re going to be grateful that we’re on the right side of the divot. We’re going to do all these things and second round, I’m already cussing a shot I hit.”

Jason Bohn is all smiles now, after surviving a near-fatal heart attack.

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