Police: Homeowners hired promoters for massive house party

Video sent to Eyewitness News shows hundreds of people partying in the street in Freetown. (ReportIt! photo)

FREETOWN, Mass. (WPRI) – Federal investigators may now be turning their attention to those responsible for a massive house party in Freetown earlier this month.

Police tell Eyewitness News that guests were bused into the party and that it was a ticketed event. The homeowners reportedly used a promoter to get people to attend.

The Freetown Board of Selectmen held a special meeting Monday night to serve as a venue for both neighbors – and police – to share their thoughts on the massive rager that shocked many in the town of roughly 9,000.

According to Freetown police, there were approximately 1,000 people partying on Leonard Avenue on the night of June 18.

Police said the party had disc jockeys, rappers and about two dozen security officers.

They also said the woman who owns the home, Ingrid Lochard, and her daughter were responsible for the party.

Due to the sheer amount of people and cars, police said they could not safely disperse the party. Along with concerns over drunk driving, officers were worried that people would riot if the party was broken up.

Officials are still considering charging the homeowners with disturbing the peace, lack of an entertainment license and liquor law violations.

“The good guys lost their rights,” said Craig Vieira, a neighbor. “There was no life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for us. It was the partygoers, their rights and avoiding the confrontation with a mass of people that could be very dangerous.”

Police said at the meeting that the promoters that were used to advertise the party may have gang ties, and that federal investigators are now also taking a look at what happened.

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