NAACP Providence president reacts to Dallas

PROVIDENCE, R.I (WPRI) — The peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas that turned violent has been Thursday night has been condemned by leaders in the black community.

NAACP Providence chapter president Jim Vincent believes that things have to change in the United States. “There’s no excuse for shooting at or killing police ever, so I roundly condemn the actions of those who would harm police. However I also have a big concern over what happened in Louisiana and Minnesota,” he said.

The deadly ambush in Dallas came as people were coming together to protest the recent police shootings of black men in Baton Rouge and Saint Paul.

“Enough is enough in terms of young black men being killed under questionable circumstances,” stated Vincent.

The NAACP chapter president also said that policemen and African Americans often share the same sentiment, which is to get home safely.

Newport resident, Breonna Peterson, is just one voice of frustration. “As people of color, we shouldn’t have to be afraid of stepping out of the house knowing that it could be us one day,” she said.

Vincent knows there is no single solution, but said that stricter gun control laws and diversifying police departments are two places to start.

He applauds what the Providence Police Department is already doing to connect with the community though, through Midnight Basketball, and said other departments could benefit from similar ideas.

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