Dueling protesters make their voices heard in Seekonk

(WPRI/ Kim Kalunian)

CORRECTION:  A previous version of this story incorrectly quoted Jordyn Klegraefe. We sincerely regret the error.

SEEKONK, Mass. (WPRI) — There were several large demonstrations in Seekonk Monday night as people gathered in response to recent acts of violence.

One group, which gathered for a Black Lives Matter protest, found themselves face to face with some opponents who were gathered across the street.

While supporters of the group marched and chanted, those displaying the message “All Lives Matter” sped by.

“We support the police and all lives rally, because Black Lives Matter has been acting more like a hate group than anything else in this country,” said Evan Burnwick of Seekonk.

Burnwick and a small group of supporters tried to drown out the chants of the Black Lives Matter protestors.

“I think they just don’t understand what is really happening,” said Jordyn Klegraefe.

“I can respect differences of opinion,” said Jennifer Bailey of Seekonk. “I’m actually in support of it, opposition doesn’t make me angry.”

The two groups demonstrated peacefully alongside one another, with the Black Lives Matter proponents marching from Seekonk High School to Aitken Elementary, where they shared stories and speeches.

Organizer Daniel Mendes said after the rallies in cities like Boston and Providence, he wanted to bring the protests to the suburbs.

“We’re living in a predominately white town where black voices are not always accessible, and we’re not trying to overshadow black voices, we’re trying to amplify them,” Mendes said.

There was a significant Seekonk police presence at Monday’s rally – even though both sides demonstrated peacefully alongside one another.

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