Beach Week: Roger Wheeler Beach

In our third installment of Beach Week, Michaela was live all morning at Roger Wheeler Beach!

Guests included:

Associate Director Larry Mouradjian.

  • This year, Governor Raimondo established the Rhode Island Outdoor Recreation Council in an effort to promote growth of the local outdoor recreation economy.
  • According to the Outdoor Industry Association, this sector generates $2.4 billion in consumer spending and supports 24,000 jobs in Rhode Island.
  • Some six million people visit state beaches and parks each year.
  • This year’s 4th of July weekend drew more than 50,000 people to state beaches – up from previous years.
  • New, reduced parking rates went into effect at state beaches on July 1.
  • Now in its eighth season, the Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit (going on now) plays an important role in connecting people with nature, promoting health, and supporting treasured outdoor traditions for Rhode Island families.

o   The Pursuit includes lots of cool outdoor events, and families earn prizes for registering.  Note: These are free public events – so folks are invited to participate whether they are signed up for the Pursuit or not.  Events held at beaches, parks, campgrounds.  See link for all July events:

  • A complete list of state beaches, parks and other recreational areas is available at
  • On Bay Day (7/24), there will be free parking at all state beaches – as well as free recreational saltwater fishing (no license required) and free bus service to beaches via 66.

o   Bay Day is a time to celebrate the importance of Narragansett Bay and our local waters to our economy and way of life.  From promoting tourism and recreation to providing delicious, local seafood – the Bay is the lifeblood of Rhode Island. Bay Day is also a time to acknowledge the strides we’ve made in improving water quality over the years – which allows for these uses and our enjoyment.


Candice Facchiano of YummyCloud

  • Beach gear for babies including: swimwear, sunscreen, bug spray, beach bag, beach toys and more!

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