Job Lot employees goes the distance to return lost wallet

WARWICK, R.I (WPRI) — One Ocean State Job Lot shopper has a new found appreciation for the retail store.

This is because David Annotti, Assistant Manager at the Job Lot in Warwick, was able to return a woman’s wallet to her after she left it behind with no I.D.

Not only did the wallet not have any identification, it had $800 cash.

Annotti originally found the wallet in a carriage and returned it to the customer service desk. After a few days no one had called or picked it up.

First, Annotti tried to look through security footage to see if he could recognize anyone and he couldn’t, so Annotti decided to look inside.

That’s when he first saw the cash, and something that would eventually lead to the owner. “There was no identification, like no license or anything that was like a major type of identification, it was just the receipt and the DSW card that had her name,” he said.

The manager was then able to use the White Pages to track down the woman’s phone number.

When Annotti returned the wallet, the woman offered he a cash reward. “I can’t accept that for doing the right thing,” Annotti responded though.

“There’s still good out there, as small as a deed or any type of deed there’s still good things even with everything that’s going on in the world,” he added.

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