Rhody Roundup: Make selfies great again

It’s time now for the Rhody Roundup! We’re chatting about some of the headlines making the rounds this week.
Our panel: Director of Resource Development for WaterFire, Bronwyn Dannenfelser, Local entrepreneur, Ed Brady, and Bekah Berger from HOT106!

You could soon be allowed to take a selfie at polling sites.
Do you think this could help make selfies great again?

– A new study shows that adults and teens use Instagram very differently.
Teens post less but comment and like more. How do you like to use Instagram?

– Earlier in the week, we learned that the couples, who drink together, stay together!
A new study suggests that couples with similar drinking habits tend to be happier than those where only one partner drinks. What “habits” or hobbies do you share with your significant other?

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