AG’s office: Providence gym-owner has to appear to discuss recent complaints

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Former employees at Providence’s Synrgy Health and Fitness club claim they haven’t been paid for the hours they have worked and former members say they’ve waited months for refunds.

Now, Target 12 has learned the Rhode Island Attorney General’s office has served the gym’s owner with a civil investigative demand, meaning Michael Owen has to show up at AG Kilmartin’s office and give testimony about 14 different consumer complaints.

Carly Goldstein said she waited for a $650 refund from the gym for months.

“They will not return a single one of my calls,” she said.

The refund finally went through his past weekend after Target 12 Consumer Investigator Susan Campbell asked Owens about it.

We’ve learned Carly is one of 14 people who’ve filed a complaint against Synrgy through the AG office’s Consumer Protection Unit.

According to documents obtained by Target 12, consumers allege “double-billing for monthly membership fees; being charged for an ‘annual maintenance fee’ which is not in the contract; incurring charges after providing proper notice of membership cancellation, and failure to provide refunds.

Martha Crippen of Kilmartin’s office said they are now searching for answers.

“We are asking the business owner to come in and meet with us to discuss the complaints that we have received from consumers,” she said. “We are here to make sure that consumers are getting what they paid for.”

As we reported on Monday, former employees like Kyle Rodriguez are claiming they are still waiting on paychecks they’re owed.

“He’s not paying his employees the money that they’re owed,” he said. “And I want to see him held accountable for that.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Labor and Training confirms the agency is reviewing several complaints against Synrgy.

Owen is scheduled to appear for the civil investigative demand on August 17.

Target 12 reached out to his attorney on Wednesday but he declined to comment for this report. 

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