Historic fort flooded with ‘Pokemon Go’ players

AP Photo

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (WPRI) — A fort that was destroyed during the Revolution, and saw action during the War of 1812, has gone from facing cannonballs to facing Pokeballs.

Thousands of “Pokemon Go” players have flocked to Fort Phoenix, since the game has designated the historic site as a “PokeStop.” Caretaker Gary Lavalette says the small fort, which only has a 22-car parking lot, is being overwhelmed.

“It’s a very sensitive place, with a lot of old artifacts and old cement walls,” Lavalette said. “It just can’t accommodate all the people.”

Lavalette said there’s been $8000 worth of damage to rock walls and cannons in the last few weeks. They have also scrambled to add more trash cans, to keep people from littering.

The town’s board of selectmen planned to discuss the problems at the fort Monday night, including the possibility of asking the game’s developer to remove Fort Phoenix as a PokeStop.


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