Panel: Pit bull-mix could return home after killing Maltese

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WPRI) — A pit bull-boxer mix has been declared vicious during a hearing Monday at the Pawtucket animal shelter.

The ruling comes after the dog attacked and killed a neighbor’s dog on Parkview Drive in Pawtucket in June.

The animal has been in the possession of animal control since the incident.

City officials tell Eyewitness News, the pit bull’s owner must take a series of steps if she wishes to have the dog returned to her.

She must obtain liability insurance coverage for the dangerous dog, provide a caged outdoor area for the dog, and signs must be posted on her property.

But for Linda Albino, who watched her Maltese die in her arms,  the added safeguards won’t bring back her beloved pet.

“Muffin was just my pride and joy, my angel, my service dog, my everything, my whole life,” said Albino.

After the decision was made Albino said she’s still concerned for her safety, and the safety of her neighbors.

“We can not live under the terms, with that dog on that street,” Albino said.

The city of Pawtucket previously had a pit bull ban, but the ordinance was lifted in 2014 following a judge’s ruling that found it violated a newly passed state law prohibiting breed specific dog and cat bans.

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