Local buses involved in several serious incidents in past year alone

(Photo by Justin White, WPRI-TV)

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — In the past year, there have been a handful of serious bus incidents in Rhode Island – many involving Rhode Island Public Transit Authority buses. More than a dozen people have been hospitalized for injuries sustained in bus-related incidents – and two people were killed.

On Wednesday, a woman was struck and killed by a Peter Pan commercial bus near Providence’s Kennedy Plaza. Around the same time, a RIPTA bus was involved in a crash on Eddy Street.

Man falls under bus in August 

The most recent crash happened earlier this month when a man lost his footing and fell under a RIPTA bus. According to the Providence Police Department, the man’s leg became trapped under a rear wheel after he ran for the bus near the Stop & Shop at 850 Manton Avenue.

The victim was taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment.

Waterman tunnel crash

In May, a RIPTA bus barreled into a bus shelter on Waterman Street in Providence. According to police, the bus driver – identified in a police crash report as Andre Blemur – told investigators he stepped on the brake to stop at the bus stop, but instead, the bus accelerated.

RIPTA spokeswoman Barbara Polichetti said the agency inspected the bus and found nothing wrong.

Nine people were transported for injuries, including an Eyewitness News employee who was at the bus depot when the crash happened.

Other RIPTA incidents 

Safety precautions 

RIPTA released a pedestrian safety video earlier this year, which included a warning to never chase after a departing bus. RIPTA has also hired private security personnel for downtown Providence’s Kennedy Plaza.

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