Town asking court for decision on men buried in wrong plots

TIVERTON, R.I. (WPRI) — The town of Tiverton is now asking for a court’s decision — since the families of two men each buried in the wrong plots at a Tiverton cemetery are at odds over whether to unearth the men’s coffins.

The town filed a complaint for a declaratory judgment in Superior Court on Tuesday, according to the Attorney General’s office. The families are named as interested parties in the court filing.

As the filing relates, Lewis Chadwick Jr. was placed in the wrong family plot at the town’s Pocasset Hill Cemetery back in October, and in March, Raymond Murray was buried in Chadwick’s spot. Chadwick’s family told Eyewitness News earlier this month they do not want the grave disturbed any further, and wish him to remain where he is.

But Murray’s family wants him moved to the plot assigned to him.

The court could order that the two men stay put — and their families exchange plot deeds — or require the men’s coffins be exhumed so they can switch places.

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