In the Kitchen: Korean Cheese Steaks

Chef Nick Rabar from Avenue N is in the Rhode Show Kitchen whipping up some Korean Cheese Steaks!


1#                                Shaved Rib Eye Steak

4 slices                        American Cheese

¼ cup                           Bibimbap Sauce (see recipe)

4                                  Tablespoons Miso Aioli (see recipe)

¼ cup                           Kimchi

½ ea.                           Red Pepper, sliced

½ ea.                           White Onion, sliced

2 ea.                            Garlic Cloves, sliced

3ea.                             Scallions, sliced

4ea.                             Sub Rolls

1pinch                         Kosher Salt & Pepper

1pinch                         Toasted Sesame Seeds



Slice sub rolls and lightly toast. Saute onions, peppers and garlic until soft. Add steak and caramelize season with salt and pepper. Add aioli to the sub roll, then kimchi, then steak mix and top with cheese. Lightly toast and top with bibimbap sauce, chopped scallion and sesame seeds.

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