One killed, two injured in boat race crash

(Corey Welch/WPRI)

TAUNTON, Mass. (WPRI) – One person was killed and another two injured in a boat collision at Watson Pond in Taunton, according to police.

Spectators watching the boat race Saturday afternoon told Eyewitness News that three of the small hydroplane boats collided at the Bill Giles Memorial Regatta on Watson’s Pond.

According to a statement, police responded to the scene at approximately 1 p.m. after one boat spun out of control at 65 mph, creating a pileup.

Joe Garrick, a former power boat racer saw the accident. “When the start came, I noticed there was two boats out front and they were really smoking into that turn and I thought, man, I better watch this,” described Garrick. “This might be interesting. And sure as heck, the first boat kind of hooked, the second boat hooked, and the third boat just ran right into the front two.”

All three male drivers were thrown from their boats as a result.

Police say that within minutes of arriving, the Taunton Fire Dive Team was able to rescue all three victims from the water.

The driver of the second boat, a 39-year-old man from New Hampshire was declared dead at the scene, according to the news release. The other drivers were transported to Rhode Island Hospital. A 67-year-old Maine man is reportedly in critical condition and a 72-year-old ma from Maine was treated for minor injuries.

An investigation is ongoing but police say no foul play is suspected.

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