Consignment expert shares secrets to success

All of us have it: that stuff that piles up in the closet or basement that we may have worn or used only a few times. We often find ourselves thinking it would be nice to get some cash for it, but may not know how to go about he process.

eBay brought us an interview with Linda Lightman, a former lawyer who took a leap of faith when she started ‘Linda’s Stuff,’ a company that has grown to become the largest, most successful consignment seller of designer fashion on eBay.

What started as a simple hobby selling her son’s video games on eBay has expanded into a wildly successful fashion business, re-selling designer luxury goods on consignment. Her business savvy even got her a show on called ‘I Can Find $3,000 In Your Home.’ Linda has shared her story and her expertise in appearances on Nightline, The Today Show, Bloomberg TV and she has been interviewed by the New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine, Fast Company and the Los Angeles Times, among other outlets.

Linda’s tips touched on the following:

  • Whats Hot: How to identify the items that will make you the most money
  • Timing is Everything: Learn when to sell your items to make the largest profit
  • I’m Ready for My Closeup: How to catch the eye of potential buyers
  • Closing the Deal: Easy steps to making the sell happen

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