Dry season hurting local cranberry crop


ACUSHNET, Mass. (WPRI) — This year has been exceptionally dry – and it’s already having an effect on the upcoming batch of cranberries.

If the dry spell continues, it could put cranberry growers in even more of a squeeze.

Scott Hardin, of Stone Bridge Farm, said they grew this year’s crop 100 percent on irrigation.

“What little rainfall we have had has not done anything,” he said.

Hardin said he’s been working the cranberries at the farm for 30 years. He said if he doesn’t see some rain soon, harvest time will look much different than usual.

“Right now, conventional water harvesting would be impossible,” he said. “We barely have enough to keep the cranberries growing. We don’t have any for frost protection. One cold night and we are out of business.”

For more on the cranberry crop, watch the video above. 

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