Multiple firefighters injured during East Providence blaze

(WPRI/ Jim Hughes)
(WPRI/ Jim Hughes)

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Fire crews in East Providence were called to the scene of a house fire on Tenth Street Thursday night.

Flames could be seen shooting from the three-story home’s roof.

Kendra Harriger said he daughter grandchildren live on the first floor.

“She got the call [and] she called me,” she said. “I was closer so I made it here first. But when I was coming down the road and saw all the flames and the smoke coming out of the roof, I was just thankful they weren’t in the house.”

According to the woman who owns the home, there were smoke detectors on every floor – but the second-floor tenants removed the ones on their floor.

Donna Tavares, who lives across the road, said she heard a lot of commotion.

“I was watching tv and I came outside to the patio and I saw, like, the fire trucks all come and the police,” she said.

Fire officials said everyone who lives in the home got out safely. Crews also rescued a rabbit named Roger from the first floor.

The fire chief told Eyewitness News several firefighters were injured. They are investigating the cause of the flames.

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